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We carry out regular visits to agent offices to train staff and influence students. This is vital work because it keeps you at the top of everybody’s minds and it gives your agents the extra support that they want.

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Our holistic PR campaigns work best when an agent partner is on board. This gets you working much more closely with your agents, on fun, creative projects that enrich your relationship with them. And it gives them the hook that they need to generate more applications for you.

If the purpose of our visit to an agent is to meet students, we call them on the day and if there are no students showing up, we re-arrange. This means that you always get your money’s worth.

Being in front of students and parents at the point when they’re making decisions is a great way to boost conversions. And because we’re here year-round, we’ve got much more chance of doing that than UK-based staff do.

When you hire us to cover fairs, we can do follow up visits to the agent offices to meet the students again and convert those enquiries into applications. And we can seamlessly share leads from school visits with agents on your say so.

We carry out visits nationwide to schools and agents to meet with counsellors, brief them on your USPs, entry reqs, contact details and promotional material as well as to ask them questions about current students who may be eligible to apply to you. Click here for more information.

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