Covering Fairs


We’re available to cover fairs on a first-come-first-served basis – so book early. If you’re already a client, fairs are billed at ‘one visit’ for every two hours (so a six hour fair would cost you three ‘visits’ – check out our packages here). If you’re not an existing client and you just want us to cover a one-off fair, we charge £395 for a full day fair.

Fairs that take place in Delhi and Mumbai incur no extra expenses. If you want us to cover a fair outside of Delhi and Mumbai, get in touch to discuss – we’ll quote in advance for flights and hotels.

Digital data capture | Automatic, targeted email follow up | Contextualised reporting

  • We work with Gecko Labs. All leads from fairs that we do are collected using iPads and branded Gecko forms. Your leads are delivered to you in a consistent, CMS friendly format.
  • You can send us copy for up to three automatic email responders. The emails can be targeted based on the information that students provide on the form (for example by subject area) and can be sent from any email address.
  • We contextualise your reports to tell you how many students we met, which subjects they were interested in, at which level and when they were interested in joining you.

We can interface with your agents in Delhi and Mumbai to arrange follow up visits to their offices shortly after a fair. At your request, we send them the leads, they follow them up and we meet the students to convert enquiries to applications and applications to enrolments.

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