Rates and Packages



All prices are quoted without VAT. If you are based in the UK or EU, VAT will be added to all bills at the rate dictated by UK HMRC, currently 20%.

Visits explained

When you take a package with us, our activity is billed in the form of units of ‘visits’.

The various categories of activity are billed at full ‘visits’ or fractions of ‘visits’ according to the logistics, staffing and time taken to carry out the visit. 

The monetary value of a single visit ranges according to the package size but for a 60 visit package, a single visit equates to £120, half a visit is £60 and a quarter of a visit is £30. 

Here’s how we bill for the various categories of activity (click on the links for explanations of that activity)

Learning based school visits – 1 visit each (£120*)

University visits – 1 visit each (£120*)

Grouped schools, university or agent visits – 0.5 visits each (£60*)

Counsellor briefings at schools or agencies – 0.25 visits each (£30*)

Full day fairs – Manager level – 3 ‘visits’ (£360*) – Officer level 1’visit’ (£120*)

Itinerary building (per day) – Student facing ‘2 visits’ (£240) – Meetings only 1.5 visits (£180)

*Monetary values calculated according to a ‘60 visit package’ and do not include VAT (applicable to UK/EU clients only)

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