Grouped visits to school and agent counsellors


We carry out visits nationwide to schools and agents to meet with counsellors, brief them on your USPs, entry reqs, contact details and promotional material as well as to ask them questions about current students who may be eligible to apply to you. 

• Visits are carried out on behalf of four non-competing clients at a time to save on costs

• This is a way of significantly increasing the geographic scope of your relationships with counsellors at schools and agencies

• You have complete control over which areas of the country, which agents and which schools we visit, we never go anywhere or do anything without running it by you first. This allows you to focus us on cities and partners that you wouldn't otherwise be able to engage with, covering more ground than you would otherwise be able to, at a fraction of the cost of doing it yourself. 

Cost: 1/2 a 'visit' per school or agent – see packages of visits here. For cities outside Delhi and Mumbai, we charge a flat £100 contribution to travel expenses.