A twist on the country office model

Hire us as much or as little as you need to

Our model gives you the in-country presence that you've always wanted, without having to hire a dedicated member of local staff, or maintain an 'India office'. We can cover a single fair for you or we can take care of your entire on the ground operation in India or anything in between.

And we're helping our clients to adapt with our innovative approach to schools/college visits, the extra value that we add to agent visits and our high impact campaigns. Our rates are designed to make sure that you’re always saving money when you work with us.

Got a country office already?

We can supplement the work of your local staff through learning based, school/college visits and holistic PR campaigns - this can make a huge difference to your relationships with schools, colleges and agents and it'll give your local staff lots of high quality leads to follow up.

We can also cover fairs that aren't convenient for your local staff to get to and give you a presence in a new city - our hubs are in Delhi and Mumbai. If you want to be put in touch with a client who has a country office to find out how it's going for them, get in touch.

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